Texnol is a one shot starch suitable for the sizing of all kinds of medium count yarn up to 40s count to meet the requirements of high speed sophisticated shuttle / shuttleless weaving.

Texnol is a one shot starch. It offers uniform viscosity, adequate penetration and surface coating resulting in increased efficiency of weaving operation.

Texnol gives clearer and flexible film. The warp sized with Texnol withstands repeated and extensive bending in weaving operation without damage to the size of film.

White powder
Not more than 12%
PH 10% w/w suspension
3 to 7
Soluble in hot water

Texnol provides:

  • Stable & low viscosity resulting in uniform size pick-up.
  • Permits reduction / elimination of PVA and other Polyacrylates.
  • Excellent film properties.
  • Ease of desizing.

Store in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight and other heat sources.


Texnol is available in 25 kg Plastic lines HDPE woven Bags.

  •  25 kgs. Bag to be used at a time.
  • Cooking temperature-120ºC to 130ºC, cooking (Holding) time-20 minutes is must for achieving stable viscosity.
  • Guide recipe can be provided after the requirement.